Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Astound Intertwined Architecture

• Proposed interlaced Infosys (A global technology services company and second largest IT exporter in India) computer software firm's architecture in Kuwait.

• This intertwined building with complicated concept resembles DNA or alike two snakes entwined.

• This spiraling interweave building after completion of construction will be named as 'Cobra Towers'.

• 'Cobra Tower' is not yet built, but after completion it will definitely remains as one of the most unusual, tremendous and incredible futuristic buildings in the world.

• Not just a building design, but it's replicating a tall snakes entwined monument or a DNA statue.

• To construct a project like this, it can be estimated around USD $800 Million - USD $900 Million to produce that equals around INR ₹3900 Crore - ₹4400 Crore.

• The approximate floor count is around 80(80 Story-Building) with comparative floor area around 76,000 m²(818,057 ft²)

'Cobra Tower', 80 Story-Building can be planned to be approximately 279 m (915.35 ft) tall.

• Whether this building ever actually sees the light of day is irrelevant. This design for a spiraling intertwined building in Kuwait is clever, creative and devastatingly original.