Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The World Love Anthem - STR

 • STR is taking a step, a stride, an attempt towards peace and harmony by crooning The World Love Anthem.

STR has gone global and joined hands with Akon, Rihanna to promote world peace this 2012.

The World Love Anthem, this song has lyrics from nearly 96 languages around the globe and STR will be leaving to the US on December 24 to record the track with Akon and Rihanna! This will be announced at a grand scale on Christmas.

STR has posted on his microblogging page(Simbu Central), "According to few people the world is gonna end in 2012. Yes, may be it'll end, coz of the drought of love. Split up by the barriers called languages, we fail to conversate love. Thus a step, a scream, a stride in breaking the barriers, a stride uniting 96 languages and millions of people to build an unbreakable bond.  For world peace a small contribution from an Indian...  Coming soon - a love anthem for the world! Love, STR".